United Nations Guest Appearance: Bella Barlow

Bella Barlow invited to sing at the United Nations as part of the SDG Summit (Sustainable Development Goals) with the Founder Carla Canales from The Canales Project.

Blog post by Bella:

Five days in New York was of course always going to be too short a trip! But staying just off of Broadway, we were right in the bright lights of it all! Even got to convince my Father (who had never been to NYC) to join me for a few days where we got to visit various fantastic NYC places, get a few Broadway shows in, and I got to rehearse in some of the best rehearsal spaces in NYC with some of the most fantastic Musical Directors, including Manuel Bagorro, and Kurt Crowley (MD for Hamilton on Broadway).

For the conference, we were set up to sing several songs from the Hear Her Song program, including our very own Barlow & Smith Commission 'JUST A LITTLE' which I got to sing at the conference, to the honorary herself, the incredible Janet Salazar. What a fantastic place to be singing, and with incredible company!

A few photos:

Bella Barlow, UN, September 2019.

What a backdrop!