Hear Her Song UK Premiere

Barlow & Smith Musical Theatre duo invited and commissioned to be part of the 'Hear Her Song' series, set up by the Canales Project, bringing female lyricists and composers to write songs honouring phenomenal woman all across the Globe.

The UK Premiere took place at Wolverhampton University, June 2019 following plans for a New York Premiere of selected songs in the Autumn.

We were selected to honour the incredible Janet Salazar, President and Executive Chairman at Foundation for the Support of the United Nations (FSUN), a social innovator, philanthropist and serial entrepreneur.

You can read more about Hear Her song at: http://thecanalesproject.org/hear-her-song-1

Above: Composer/Singer Bella Barlow in dress rehearsal for Hear Her Song, Singing their newly commissioned Barlow & Smith song 'JUST A LITTLE' in honour of Janet Salazar for The Canales Project, Hear Her Song. UK Premiere.

The Writers, Performers, Musicians, and Founder, Carla Canales, of Hear Her Song, UK Premiere, Wolverhampton, June 2019.