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Reviews from Sondheim... Only Slightly Rearranged

Sondheim…Only Slightly Rearranged (Test of Time Productions)

Bella Barlow - Co-Musical Director and Singer

After 3 sell-out shows across The Pheasantry (Chelsea), The Battersea Barge and Lauderdale House, here’s what the Reviews Said:

“This was intimate Sondheim with a theatrical edge and the cast obviously relishing getting their teeth into some of the best material ever written for the musical theatre.”****

“The evening was held together on one piano mainly by Bella Barlow. Her accompanying skills were superb, showing great versatility in the light and shade of her playing. None of the awkward rhythms seemed to throw her, and when she sang at the piano whilst playing, everything was still kept beautifully together. No mean feat with Sondheim. Her voice was crystal clear with a wonderful tonal quality and, when required, a good deal of humour – as shown in ‘Everybody Ought To Have A Maid’” – Peter Golding

“Highlights were... Uptown Downtown by Bella Barlow also Co MD and very handy on the keys, [and] Officer Krupke - a tour de fource for the girls - with Rhiannon and Bella also providing some amusing business by alternating duties on the keys as well as rushing back to the mic for their vocal lines.” ****

“A heavenly show for the ''consciente'' and Sondheim virgins alike”**** – A. Shaw

“A very special evening for those who admire the great man, The Company of six musician/actors/singers were all unknown to me, but this was some classy evening, and after the two hour show I felt that I knew them all personally.” **** – C. Kyd

“Do try to get into one!” ****

“Talented singers, two of whom played piano, all of whom had a great appreciation of the Man.” – Audience Club

“As the title of the evening suggested, this wasn’t typical Sondheim, and the ‘Re-arranged’ was that the ladies sung the men’s songs and vice versa. Consequently the ladies’ rendition of ‘Gee, Officer Krupke’ was highly amusing, partly due to the fact that the pianists swapped many times during the number, whilst continuing to sing and play. Clever.” ****

“The evening was nicely rounded off with the familiar ‘Our Time’, once again with the excellent accompaniment of Bella Barlow. A wonderfully enjoyable evening and highly recommended.” – Peter Golding

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